Is your career fueling you with passion and energy?

Do your colleagues know the “real you”—and know what your best self truly has to offer?

Are you communicating with, and influencing others, authentically in ways that brings meaning to your worklife and theirs?

Maybe this isn’t you - YET - but it can be!

You’re an accomplished, skilled and highly competent professional– full of potential to achieve even more and lead others to great thing.

  • You want to find both success and joy in your work.
  • You want to find creativity and fulfillment in your career.
  • You want to make a difference in your organization and with your team.
Some of us do feel this excited about our work—and all of us can!  Even if you feel like your talent is under-utilized and your potential is under-appreciated, there’s a way to re-invent how you’re seen at work. Even if you’re not sure how to show up as the “real you” or convey your authentic leadership presence, there’s a way to activate both.

But first, you need to know that you’re not alone.

It turns out that 71% of all U.S. workers feel disengaged at work (Gallup Employee Engagement Index).  If you’re one of them, you probably don’t wake up full of energy to get to the office and dive in and you’re not giving your best self to your career or your team because you feel like something big is missing—the “thing” to which you will be excited to give your best.

And even if you do feel engaged at work, you may not know how to take things to the next level—how to unleash even more of your passion and purpose; how to connect more easily and powerfully with others; how to make a greater impact when things around you are changing.

So, if you’re thinking about (or in) a career change, feeling uncomfortable in your skin at work, struggling to develop an authentic leadership presence others will follow or just want to feel more inspired about your career, keep reading!

It’s easy to get stuck in the no-win scenario: “I can’t be ‘the real me’ at work and get ahead in my career.” And it’s even easier to decide that it’s up to someone else to change that—someone like your boss or senior leadership or your colleagues, who are one day going to wake up, recognize what you’ve got and reward you for it.  

So here’s the hard but real truth—it’s 100% up to each and every one of us to find out what brings us to life at work and let other people know why they should care.

So if something big IS missing in your worklife—or you just don’t know how to get your own message out—there’s good news… it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a way for you to:

  • reconnect to the best part of yourself and it put on center stage at work—even if you thought you had to hide it to get ahead
  • rekindle that excitement in your career
  • reengage the creative energy that amps up your performance
  • activate your natural leadership ability to make a big impact that motivates others do their jobs better, improves company performance and delights customers at the end of the chain
  • refuel that passion for your work that fills you with satisfaction
  • target the next step in your professional journey (at this job or the next) with confidence and enthusiasm

And… BONUS!…you don’t have to quit your job or perform career kamikaze to do it!

And… BONUS! BONUS!!…you’ll be an even more effective leader!

Why haven’t you heard about this magic pill before? Well, for one thing it’s not a magic pill; it’s your personal brand when it’s plugged into your deepest professional purpose and promise–and it only lights up your career when you know how to communicate and lead with it authentically! It’s something you’ve had all along, something you’ve either been waiting to activate or maybe reactivate when you had “enough experience” and recognition to “be the real you” at the office.

But guess what? Hiding it won’t help you get ahead. Waiting won’t activate it.


You were born with a personal brand. It’s just as accessible to you at 25 as it is at 35 or 65—and believe it or not, it’s going to help you get the promotions and recognition you need to get ahead while you create a greater sense of fulfillment and contribution for yourself .

If you’re like most of us, your personal brand, purpose and promise are hiding. They’re hiding behind some assumptions–that we all learned–about how to succeed and get ahead in our careers. It’s the secret sauce that many successful business rockstars–the 29% who are clearly engaged and fueled with passion for their work–have tapped into and not told you about (many of them do it intuitively and what worked for them won’t work for you anyway, so don’t blame them!)

When you unlearn these assumptions and learn how to connect to the creative, innovative and enjoyable power of your most deeply held personality traits with the intuitive, INpower and personal branding strategies we’ll teach you, your energy and enthusiasm for your career and your work will ignite!


Let us introduce ourselves

This is the second collaboration for Cindy Atlee (The Storybranding Group) and Dana Theus (InPower Coaching) on personal branding using this unique story-based personal branding system developed by Cindy. We have also offered a similar online workshop for entrepreneurs to rave reviews.

“Dana and Cindy are masters of their game and the practical, deep and meaningful work they share is like a breath of fresh air. When I was stuck they knew exactly what to say to help me move forward and each new piece of the course led to even more brilliant insights. The course was also fun and their teaching styles are warm and engaging. I now have a model to follow in every piece of my communications that is tailor made for me, by me and I can’t wait to implement this across the board.”
– Joan Bell

Cindy and Dana have extensive marketing and commercial branding backgrounds, and are both 25+ year business veterans who bring a wealth of experience to supporting your inner journey to outer success. We’ve each held senior-level marketing positions in big and small companies alike, and we understand the challenges of “making a name for yourself” when you’re doing a job defined by someone else. And we have insight into what hiring managers and executive recruiters look for in candidates.

Since leaving our corporate careers, we’ve added leadership consulting and coaching to our repertoires—working with individuals and corporate executives seeking to develop themselves and their employees. Cindy is co-author of the Professional Values & Story Index (a personal branding and leadership development tool based on the breakthrough archetypal work of Dr. Carol S. Pearson).  Over the past 10 years, she has trained literally hundreds of corporate and government employees in the fundamentals of the system we’re offering here.

We believe passionately—because we’ve seen it work with many of the people we’ve coached—that you are more successful when you tap your personal well of inner strengths, values and insights to create greater workplace presence. And we know that your employer benefits as well. It’s the definition of a win-win and we are dedicated to helping you find that perfect balance!

This isn’t your grandfather’s personal brand!

“Personal branding” is a pretty popular term these days and it’s often grounded in what big companies know about successful branding. But branding was developed to sell stuff. (Trust us, we’ve branded and marketed a lot of products!).

But… you’re not stuff!

Basing your personal branding strategy entirely on the big company branding approaches won’t work for you as an individual. Instead of breathing life into your career, that might even suck the life out of it. This happens when the “personal branding” methodologies a lot of “gurus” are offering focus you too heavily on responding to what you think other people want from you.

These slick branding approaches don’t work because you still won’t feel comfortable in your own professional skin. You’re a living, breathing bundle of dreams, talents and potential—and you can’t infuse that into your career authentically and genuinely if you’re following a branding plan that was designed to sell things.

Now, there are big branding strategies that work—and because we’ve  branded and marketed so many products and services in our careers (think CareerBuilder, Kashi and IKEA to name a few),  we intimately understand the core foundational elements of branding the big names that does translate to personal branding.

But beyond these foundational elements (which we absolutely include in our teachings), we focus this program on helping you use the power of who YOU are to create greater personal power in your career—the kind of power you need to excel and perform at your best.  That means tapping into your own intuitive self, the part of you that is driven to bring the real you to the table. This is a creative, fun and joyful process all by itself and it brings creativity and fun to your work.

When you tap into this deep story living inside you, you’ll develop strategies that will allow you be appreciated and rewarded for what YOU value most about yourself, not what other people want you to be.

There is a strong connection between your desire to be more engaged at work and your desire to bring your real self to the office. When you learn the story your real, authentic self wants to tell and you learn the best ways to communicate and live it–even at work!– your career will come alive and your excitement will naturally build.

What do the rockstars know that you don’t?

We know you’ve been working to be authentic at work and bring the excitement back, but you’ve probably been struggling against three key, common assumptions about career fulfillment and success. These assumptions include good advice (to develop your personal brand and learn to lead) but they’re not very intuitive and they don’t give the room to be creative and innovative in finding personal meaning in your work.  The rockstars have tapped into the truth beneath these assumptions and now you can, too.

Here are the three key assumptions we were all taught about how to succeed and be happy in our careers–and the truth beneath them all.

Big Assumption: You have to be successful before you can be fulfilled and make a difference. 

In fact… you have to chart a fulfilling course for yourself right now to achieve the success you want in the future. This is what unleashes your core workplace motivation, your real performance power and ultimately an impact that others can see.   And, it’s what attracts hiring managers and executive recruiters to you now—and means you can start feeling like you’re contributing and making a difference much sooner.

Bigger Assumption: You have to communicate to others what they want to hear (or the way they want to hear it).

In fact… you have to communicate authentically, in a style and manner that is natural to you and meaningful to your audience if you want to be heard. Good communicators do put their messages out in ways that are accessible to their listeners, but the most effective ones bring it out from the core of their own beliefs and values. It’s this latter skill that gives communications its real power.  So, to be a really persuasive communicator, you need to connect to what really matters to you—what lights you up and gives you the kind of joy that others can feel, too.  Then you can work on aligning your message with the needs of your audience—which will help you use your personal brand to become a more irresistible force for success in your career.

“This course really helped me understand, define, and communicate my story, in my own voice.”
Laura S.
Biggest Assumption: You have to “look like a leader” to get ahead and be successful (branding yourself like “stuff”). 

In fact… you have to “look like” your deepest and most authentic self to be appreciated for the very unique aspects of you—the ones that energize you and bring you to life in your workplace. And by the way, this is also how you create greater workplace impact and a lasting contribution.

We know this may seem counter-intuitive to you. You may be saying, “this all sounds great, but my corporate culture just doesn’t work that way.” We’re here to tell you that based on our experience teaching hundreds of corporate emerging leaders and executives the fundamentals of our 7 step system for authentic personal branding—and using this system ourselves—it can be done.

You DO have this power within you for your personal brand to help you succeed anywhere.   Any corporate culture—in the private sector, the nonprofit world or the government!—will give you more opportunity to be fulfilled in your work and contribute to their mission when you’ve activated the power of your own authentic personal brand and learned to communicate it with your peers, staff and superiors through the power of your purpose-driven story.

How do you activate a personal branding power that works in any business environment?

The secret is in your story type, one that is unique and personalized to you. When you experience the creative and joyful process of creating your own personal message—the one you’ll tell when communicating with others, leading or contributing to a  team, and presenting yourself in professional settings—it will become a natural and fluid part of your professional identity.

Are you a Magician at work?  A Creator?  An Explorer?

Knowing how much you’re like one of those characters (or one of the nine others in the story typing assessment) is the key to understanding the story you’re most moved to live and tell in your work life—and the happy ending your personal brand must reflect if you want to show up as the real you!  Story typing is a unique personal branding assessment (offered only through this program):

  • based on the breakthrough archetypal system developed by Dr. Carol S. Pearson
  • measures how much a professional identifies with the attitudes and behaviors of 12 mythical or archetypal characters (and 60 subtypes) that we all know
  • offers deep insights into each character’s different way of thinking and acting in the world–each with its own unique set of talents, qualities and motivators–and how that can shape a personal brand
It’s easy to see how this works if you think about some well-known businesspeople who’ve accomplished a lot with their lives.  Oprah Winfrey is a Sage who’s all about accessible wisdom—she sees her television network as a classroom where she teaches.  Steve Jobs was a Revolutionary who always thought differently and changed the way technology is used in everyday living.

The great news is that you don’t have to be famous to do this—we all have stages where our work lives play out, and we can show up in character there any time.  Story typing helps you do this intentionally, by defining your most essential core story and establishing a “supporting cast” of other types that help you accomplish the many tasks required to be successful in any workplace. These deep insights into the narrative arc of your professional life can become the foundation of a personal brand that’s an authentic and compelling expression of YOU!


 How can you tap into your personal story type at this deep and impactful level for your career?

Let us introduce you to this powerful, fun and exciting approach to personal branding that will awaken your passion and purpose, help you communicate it, and integrate it naturally into your leadership style. This is the system we’ve used successfully with independent contributors, leaders and even entrepreneurs. This is how we’ll take you to the core of your most powerful story!

The 7-Step Story Type Personal Brand System

Seminar 1: Becoming Known Well–Developing your Personal Brand Platform & Blueprint [March 1 – April 12]

Lesson 1: Who am I? Learning the inside secrets of your unique personal brand character

Understand yourself and what you have to offer in a deeper, more imaginative and more meaningful way (based on your Professional Values & Strengths (PVSI) Index scores).

  • UnderstandPVSIInventory your personal branding assets and make a firm commitment to the ones that should always be associated with you
  • Delve into your detailed PVSI scores for an in-depth and fun look at the core workplace motivators most likely to fuel your workplace fulfillment and success
  • Become intimately familiar with the values and strengths of your Hero, Jester, Sage—or whichever characters are playing in your most powerful professional storyline
  • Worksheets & Readings
  • Webinar (3/8/13) & Coaching call (3/15/13)

Lesson 2: What’s my defining identity? Developing your personal brand story

Translate self-understanding into a powerful identity that can help you re-invent how you show up and how you’re seen in any workplace. 

  • Cast yourself in your most meaningful workplace role and develop an inspiring credo and personal branding platform that can bring it to life
  • Define the purpose that drives you
  • Articulate the workplace promise that you can always be counted on to keep
  • Worksheets & Readings
  • Webinar (3/22/13) & Coaching call (3/29/13)

Lesson 3: Staying in character–Developing organizational alignment and your personal branding blueprint

Apply what you’ve learned to creating greater visibility, credibility and impact in the workplace. 

  • Connect your passion to your employer’s goals and strategies
  • Make personal brand-based commitments to energize and activate your best work self
  • Design your personal brand blueprint and roadmap for how to keep your story and promise alive
  • Worksheets & Readings
  • Webinar (4/5/13) & Coaching call (4/12/13)


Seminar 2: Becoming Known Well–Activating your personal brand for communications and leadership effectiveness [April 19-June 7]

Lesson 4: Communications skills–Telling your most important professional story

Build the skills you need to make yourself a more confident, persuasive and inspiring communicator.

  • Define your communications motivators, strengths and challenges
  • Refine your story- and character-based style and personality
  • Learn how to develop a compelling storyline for any situation and communicate more effectively with any audience, any time
  • Worksheets & Readings
  • Webinar (4/19/13) & Coaching call (4/26/13)

Lesson 5: Boiling it down for delivery–Creating your elevator pitch and other professional identity statements

Learn how to compellingly and effectively convey your personal brand with the right words, messages and themes.

  • Craft your personal brand messaging pointssoc med
  • Create and practice your elevator pitch
  • Write your online profile, resume, bio, cover letter and personal FAQs
  • Manage your social media identity, image and reputation
  • Worksheets & Readings
  • Webinar (5/3/13) & Coaching call (5/10/13)
  • BONUS: Pitching Workbook (Pitch anything to anyone, authentically!)

Lesson 6: Making it real–Crafting your leadership presence

Leverage the most intangible aspects of personal branding to connect more easily and powerfully with others.

  • Learn to project your story- and character-based energetic presence
  • Speaking, presenting and interacting with greater confidence
  • Taking a leadership stand that matters
  • Worksheets & Readings
  • Webinar (5/17/13) & Coaching call (5/24/13)
  • BONUS: Thought Leadership Workbook for taking a stand


LessonLesson 7: Authentic leadership–Motivating and influencing others

Use your personal brand to make a difference for others and a lasting contribution in any workplace.

  • Bring out the best in others
  • Use thought leadership to establish influence
  • Making an impact and creating a legacy
  • Worksheets & Readings
  • Webinar (5/31/13) & Coaching call (6/7/13)


At Your Convenience!

Life is busy and we know that running a business and having a life are a real challenge. That’s why we make everything available to you 24/7 on our online group coaching community. You can pop in whenever your schedule opens up so you can invest in yourself and your business. Periodic reminder emails will help you pace yourself through the materials.

On the site, you can:

  • Download the eGuides and workbooks (including exercises)
  • Watch all the webinars as many times as you like (you can download them to take them with you as well on your mobile device)
  • Track your progress through the program

“Cindy masterfully reveals and speaks to the professional archetypes operating in the people she coaches in both team and individual environments. She enables clients to immediately and effectively translate their observations into personal branding architecture and enriched, successful interactions. Individual coaching sessions greatly expanded upon foundational learning in a highly personalized, and life changing way. Cindy is an amazing asset to organizations who want to inspire their people to contribute to their fullest potential, and create a vibrant, inspired culture where everyone thrives.”
Suzanne Reynolds, Director of Health & Wellness Customer Marketing/Capability, Procter and Gamble


How much does it cost?

As we were researching and creating this offering, we found that other programs including the kinds of communications and leadership skills we think are so critical to personal branding success are incredibly expensive (you’d have to take over $6,000 worth of leadership development and communications skills programs from some of the big professional development associations to accomplish what we’re offering here) and inconvenient (they’re offered in person only in a few cities for a few days a year). Of course, none of these courses incorporate the unique and powerful work that Cindy did originally with Dr. Pearson on story types, the work that has helped so many large corporate brands. None of them guarantee that you’ll tap into your own core story so deeply. You could spend all that money and never tap into the deeply personal and meaningful story that is yours. In this 14-week program we’re offering you here—online so you can take it at your convenience –you can! And for much less! This story-based system is exclusively available through us, so you’re not getting someone else’s interpretation of the secret sauce. We also found some lower-cost online programs you could take, but they’re not based on story typing either, and usually don’t include in-depth communications and leadership skills building.

In the end, we decided against pricing our program in the $1,000’s–even though we’re 1000% convinced you’ll get $1,000’s of dollars worth of results that will pay off in your personal satisfaction and ultimately your paycheck. Making you travel to a weekend workshop and making it that expensive would put it out of reach for too many people. So we’ve packaged it up online and are making it available to you–at your convenience–for well under $1,000.  With our time-limited rebates and bonuses, you will receive the foundational lessons in personal branding for less than $200 and the entire skill-building package (including the foundations) for less than $500 when you sign up for Session 1, or the combined Session 1 & 2. Here are the full prices, including instant rebates we’re offering for a limited time only.

  • Session 1 only: $297 minus $150 rebate => $147
  • Session 2*: $497 minus $200 rebate => $297 (Plus bonuses!)
    *NOTE:  Session 1 is a pre-requisite for Session 2

  • Your price for both sessions (for a limited time only): $794 minus $300 rebate => $444 (Plus bonuses!)

Dont’ wait! Session 1 begins March 1!


We really want to make this as easy a decision for you as we can, so we’ve put together some special bonuses. We’ve also added 6 & 12 week payment plans to make it even easier!

BONUS #1: Your personal, detailed story type scores


Your detailed scoring report shows you how you personally rank on all 12 story types. This includes an eBook called Understanding Yourself in the Workplace, and describes the professional values associated with each of the 12 story types. (This bonus is available for all participants.)  We can’t put a monetary value on this because it’s not available for sale outside of this course!

BONUS #2: Authentic Pitching  Workbook


Part of any effective communications strategy is being able to distill your personal brand messages down to easy, natural conversational “pitches” that encourage your audience to say “Tell me more!” This easy-to-use online workbook (valued at $47) will help you put together a compelling, “non salesy” pitch to use in becoming influential – in a week or less! (This bonus is only available with purchase of Sessions 1 and 2.)

BONUS #3: Becoming A Thought Leader  Workbook


Developing your professional thought leader platform is a major endeavor. This simple but powerful workbook is the basis for a full day InPower workshop (valued at $497), and will help you hone down the BIG IDEA you want to become known for among your colleagues and superiors. (This bonus is only available with purchase of Sessions 1 and 2.) 

BONUS #4: Member’s Only Facebook Group

Join your fellow story-typers in a supportive discussion of your personal brand journey. Learn from each other and receive regular inspirational prompts and links when you check in on Facebook. Open to all participants.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I just sign up for Seminar 1?
Yes, you can—and receive the rebate!—but you won’t have access to the material that will help you turn your blueprint into a powerful communications and leadership style. This is the focus of Session 2.

When are the Webinars and Coaching Calls?
Prerecorded webinars will be available first thing in the morning on the dates listed. We will hold all our coaching calls for this program on Fridays at 2pm Eastern.  While we hope you’ll attend live,  all calls and webinars will be recorded so you can listen to them again (or for the first time) at your convenience and we will monitor discussions closely on the days of the webinars and calls, and through the following weekend to make sure you get all your questions answered!

Will my employer pay for this program?
We don’t know what kind of professional development policy or benefits your organization offers—but we can help you make a strong case for why your employer has just as much to gain as you do when their people take the program (which is probably why the federal government and some of the largest companies have hired us for this kind of work). The content we’re teaching you will enhance your performance, communications and leadership power, all of which will make you a more effective employee. You’ll also find out how to align your own purpose and promise with the goals of your current organization—which will make you a more productive and participatory professional at work. And finally, it’s absolutely in the best interest of your employer to want your best self to show up at work every day! Print off this Flyer and ask your superior to pay!

What if I complete this program and I realize my company may never want to recognize or value me for what I value most about myself?
Knowing yourself more deeply always makes you clearer on what you do and don’t want in your career. This program will accelerate your understanding of what career direction and/or company would help you become more fulfilled. If you choose to embark on your next career change more quickly after this program, you’ll be doing it with a strong personal brand so that finding the perfect job will be much easier!

What if something unexpected comes up and I have to travel or take care of personal or work emergencies?
Busy professionals are busy! We know that and have the same challenges, which is why we’ve designed the course to be available to you 24/7 online so you can take it at your own speed, and spaced it out over 14 weeks so you have time to do the work comfortably without jeopardizing your “real job.” All webinars are recorded and available for download, as are the workbooks and other materials that will help you. You can do them on planes, trains and automobiles–in little bites through the week or in focused session on weekends–whatever your schedule allows! You can call into the live coaching calls from anywhere in the world and recordings will be made available immediately afterword’s. The materials will also remain active for months after the course is over so you can return to them and continue to work with them in the future at your convenience.

Are you ready to get started defining your personal brand character and learning to tell your most compelling professional story? The one that will excite and motivate you and everyone you work with?

Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We know this program can alter the trajectory of your career and give you greater fulfillment in your work.

That’s why we back it with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Take a full 30 days to review the material, complete the exercises and experience for yourself the difference this information can make in your business.

And if you don’t believe the program will help you feel more at home as “the real you” in your workplace, simply let us know within 30 days and we’ll process a full refund of your investment.


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Yes!  I want to engage my passion and purpose in my career, and invest in my communications and leadership success, with BOTH SESSIONS of the program!

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  • 7 recorded “core training” webinar presentations
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  • 6-month access to the recordings of both the webinars and the Coaching Calls
  • PLUS, all the workbooks, worksheets and exercises to help me develop my personal brand identity, communications & authentic leadership platform

AND, for registering today, I’m also entitled to the following bonus items, FREE of charge:

  • My personal detailed story type scoring report with the eBook Understanding Yourself in the Workplace (unavailable elsewhere!)
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  • Thought Leadership Workbook
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I also understand that my purchase is backed by your 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and that I risk nothing by registering today.

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  • 3 recorded Q&A calls that address all kinds of questions about the material
  • 6-month access to the recordings of both the webinars and the Coaching Calls
  • PLUS, all the workbooks, worksheets and exercises to help me develop my personal brand identity blueprint

AND, for registering today I’ll receive my personal, detailed story type scores along with the eBook Understanding Yourself in the Workplace and and invitation to member’s-only Facebook Group.

I also understand that my purchase is backed by your 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and that I risk nothing by registering today.

On that basis, please accept my registration for Session 1 only, for just $147.

Meet Your Guides

Cindy Atlee
Partner, The Storybranding Group

Cindy Atlee is a consultant, facilitator and coach who believes every individual and organization has a powerful story to tell.  Since completing Dr. Carol S. Pearson’s postgraduate program in archetypal-based leadership at Georgetown University in 2003, Cindy has worked extensively with archetypes and has become a pioneer in the use of Dr. Pearson’s assessment tools.  Her work has won multiple awards and been used by such organizations as Kashi, NASA, Volunteers of America, and Procter & Gamble.  She is currently principal of The Storybranding Group, a brand and culture consulting firm that helps clients create more authentic brands, develop more inspired leaders and more deeply engage their workforces.  Previously, she was Senior Vice President, Branding & Organizational Culture at the global public relations firm Porter Novelli and has held a variety of senior executive positions at mid-Atlantic advertising agencies and marketing firms.  She’s a frequent speaker and workshop leader in addition to her work as a consultant and coach.  Cindy is passionate about helping her clients tell their stories and use the best part of who they are to influence and inspire others.

Dana Theus
Founder, InPower Consulting & InPower Coaching

Capitalizing on a 25-year business career in marketing/business development, strategic planning, leadership development and coaching, Dana has worked for Fortune 100 companies, entrepreneurial startups, government and military agencies, and non-profits. She has worked as an executive and strategic consultant in organizations such as General Motors/EDS, Verizon, CareerBuilder, The Points of Light Foundation, the  U.S. Department of Defense and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is currently an instructor at the George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership. In her private and group coaching practices, Dana helps her clients access their “career juice”–the unique blend of authentic, joy-driven passion and personal power each of us carries within us. She uses proprietary “inpower” tools to help her clients release powerless thoughts and behavior patterns so they can activate the power within them and allow it to drives their business success. Dana is also a research-based consultant, coach and advocate for women’s leadership strategies that produce business results, and is the founder of InPower Women.