Communicate Clearly in Requirements, Reporting and Marketing Meetings

When you register for this free webinar, you'll receive a 45 minute overview of the most common challenges people face in STEM industries communicating about abstract concepts and in matrixed processes (like requirements gathering, success/quality metrics negotiations, project and status reporting, or marketing and promotion planning).

You'll learn simple-to-use people skills: the emotionally intelligent way to avoid miscommunication in these situations.

  • Where does emotionally un-intelligent miscommunication come from?

    Learn about the inside and outside perspective People Skill (and how meaning gets lost in the middle)

  • Why do higly technical projects generate so much miscommunication?

    Learn why STEM industry practices like requirements gathering, project reporting, research methodologies and marketing so frequently generate people skill challenges for everyone involved

  • What happens in "the distortion zone" between you & others?

    Learn what happens between you and others to make negotiating the development and launch of highly technical projects so challenging

  • What is the 90/10 rule - and how you can use it to your advantage?

    Learn how the 90% "unseen" people dynamics distort even the most powerful STEM process - and the key People Skills you can deploy to "see the unseen"

  • BONUS: Free People Skills eCourse

    Webinar registrants may opt into 3 lessons on how to build your people skills to deal effectively with technical people and processes - or anyone!

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  • Priyanka Komala, Director, Science & Technology-based Institute
    Since I collaborate with people in both technical and non-technical functions, I'm always looking for ways to understand how to bridge disconnects in communication between different stakeholders. The People Skills for the Tech Industry webinar gave me a wonderful tool in the "90/10 rule." In addition, the understanding that introverts have easy access to emotional intelligence was eye opening. As an extrovert myself, it helps me to be cognizant of how introverts think and operate.
    Priyanka Komala, Director, Science & Technology-based Institute
  • I highly recommend Dana's webinars; I always receive good info that is well worth my time."
    P.R. Entreprenueur
  • Using InPower Coaching strategies, I discovered what communication distortions are and how they affect how we act , react and - in this case - communicate. I realized that my communication shapes how I am perceived by the people I interact with. I react to people very differently now than I did before working with InPower Coaching.
    H. G. Business Analyst
  • A to-the-point webinar that shows you how to frame situations so you can circumvent the usual pitfalls in your thinking.
    S. D. Analyst