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With all the job sites and well-meaning advice, it's easy to feel overwhelmed at the beginning of a job search. There are hundreds of thousands of job openings out there, but only a few fit your personal criteria for a "dream job."

The question we alway hear is, "Where do I start?"
Roaming job sites on the Web without a plan isn't effective - it's too random. Asking your network for help just to hear them tell you things you already know isn't helpful either. You need a strategic approach to getting the information you need to zero in on your target: the perfect job to support your unique work-life needs.
This straight-forward strategy from InPower Coaching will help you quickly identify your "perfect job" among all the possibilities and opportunities available to you, and reach out to targeted individuals in your network to help you find it.
Easy-to-use worksheets and videos take you from "not sure where to start" to "I know exactly what I'm looking for," in just days!
  • Practical worksheets help you filter out the "noise" on the web to identify those few web sites you should keep an eye on for new openings.
  • A simple and pragmatic approach to networking will help you build a personal network plan quickly. You'll identify who in your network can help you most, and learn how to reach out to them in ways that feel authentic and natural.
  • Member-only coach forums give you personal support and community to help make your decisions for life and career change
Perfect for early-to-mid career professionals who are ready to become proactive about their job search in a time- and energy-efficient way.
  • Dream Job Research

    6 Worksheets to guide you through "inside-out" and "outside-in" research strategies for quickly identifying the dream job for your next career move

  • Personal Networking Plan

    A straightforward and natural worksheet-driven strategy to leveraging and expanding your network to connect you to your dream job

  • LIFE SKILLS BONUS: Stress Management Tools

    Gain access to member-only core InPower Coaching tools to help manage stress and increase your personal resilience, including Emotional Detriggering, Transforming Negative Beliefs, Focus Intentions and Mindfulness (without meditation!) A $100 value, which is yours for free!

Identify your dream job and start contacting your network to find it!

Don't make your next career move without identifying what your dream job is, and taking action to find it! 

"I never realized how easy networking to find my perfect job could be!"

- A. L. Privately held international health logistics organization

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