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Since 2012, InPower Women has been dedicated to rewriting the narrative on women and leadership. Our mission is to inspire, educate and enable professional women to reclaim their relationship with power and give voice to their authentic leadership style. InPower Women offers every professional woman a place to explore herself and her power to succeed on her own terms. Men welcome to join the conversation too!

In 2016 we’ve merged with our sister site,, to bring INpowering coaching resources and tools to women ready to take action to active their authentic, feminine superpowers to achieve life and work satisfaction on their own terms. We’ve also launched discussion forums to provide a safe space for women to practice using their authentically powerful voice.

In 2013 InPower Women was selected as one of the top 100 web sites for women. See the whole list here!

Women are Powerful

Women hold the keys to economic and other kinds of success in our world today but to unlock the most important doors and claim more power, we must rewrite the feminist narrative and accept the power that is ours now. The InPower Women blog is doing just that. Providing a key resource for professional women, we keep an eye on INpowering leadership research and provide a Media FAQ cheat sheet to help you skim the highlights. We believe passionately in building partnerships with men as a key to our success (and theirs!).

Are you an InPower Woman?
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Join us. Be INpowered to be the change you seek in your organization.

You can make a difference. You already are.

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