Mid-career employees represent unrealized opportunity for productivity, impact and customer brand experience.

What We Want

What We Want
Employees who are engaged, effective and promoting the brand with every client and employee interaction!

What We Get

What We Get
Stressed people looking for greener grass and failing to communicate business value.

The Costs

When your employees spend their energy dealing with stress, conflict and a lack of collaboration, instead of innovation and customer engagement, the organization pays the price on multiple levels.

The Usual Solution

The typical approach to breaking the cycle of employee stress and turnover is to assume a competency, knowledge or motivational deficit. Most training tries to address behavioral performance issues with training and education and encourage extra effort with rewards.

The Usual Approach

The Usual Approach
Middle managers are given rewards, recognition and training in the hopes they will internalize best practices, while their personal, behavioral requirements go unaddressed.

The Usual Outcome

The Usual Outcome
People have little ability to apply the knowledge they receive in training, and struggle to embody client-facing skills like communications, confidence and emotional balance. Rewards have limited (or no) long-term effects.

A Better Solution!

Support employee performance with programs
to help them tactically apply 
behavioral changes on the job
for stress reduction, conflict management,
team empowerment and improved client communications.

  • Immediate Impact

    Lessons are practiced on-the-job for real-time impact as participants exercise key emotional intelligence skills in daily interactions with team members and clients.

  • Improved Outcomes

    Adult learning methodologies and frameworks ensure that employees have the knowledge, the time to practice and the opportunity to reflect on their experience, which produces improved interpersonal and leadership skills.

  • Program Areas

    Programs address three levels of employee: Individual Contributor, Manager or Executive and support performance and behavioral improvements in interpersonal relationships as well as internal and external brand communications.

  • Cost Effective

    Self-directed learning program elements leverage the impact of personal coaching to support each individual in a group context, improving outcomes while managing costs.

  • Geography Independent

    Simple online tools enable employees to participate from any location with a public internet connection in both synchronous and asynchronous formats.

Our Solution Framework

  • Eric B. - Microsoft
    Last week’s lesson came at a great time as it has been extremely busy and I was pulled a bunch of different directions with competing priorities. The lesson reminded me to be conscious about choosing my commitments, and I was able to ADD additional activities to my week. Since the additions were chosen to give me energy I was able to accomplish more and was happier about what I was doing, which helped to round out a great week!
    Eric B. - Microsoft

Program Description & Catalog

All programs are eligible for professional continuing education units.
Download our class list below.

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  • L Haas - Marketing Manager
    As a professional charting a new course for the company, I struggled with making change and getting buy-in in a field that constantly requires it. While working with InPower programs I learned it is critical to focus my intention, understand what is important to others and to gain alignment before working to move forward. Armed with these new strategies, I’m already seeing more engagement with others in the company, and I am seeing early success in leading others to take ownership in the change process.
    L Haas - Marketing Manager
  • J. Aaron - IT manager
    Recently I found myself in a position that I felt was above my capabilities and I was very overwhelmed. I felt defeated – on the verge of throwing in the towel. After the activities [in today’s call] , I feel rejuvenated and am ready to conquer this situation. I am open to new and uncomfortable challenges in the future. I didn’t understand what was going on, but after utilizing the tools you have provided I can continue to learn and grow comfortably. Thank you!
    J. Aaron - IT manager

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About Us

Dana Theus

Dana Theus
President & CEO of InPower Coaching, Dana offers innovative leadership development and coaching programs to companies and individuals capitalizing on her 25-year business career in marketing/business development, strategic planning, leadership development and coaching. She has worked for Fortune 100 companies, entrepreneurial startups, government and military agencies and non-profits. She specializes in equipping mid-career professionals with the emotional intelligence skills to participate in, and lead, change.

Patricia Hughes

Patricia Hughes
Patricia Hughes has a strong background in the HR industry, with experience in Human Capital Management (HCM) technology and recruiting. She focuses on delivering enterprise level solutions and managing go-to-market partnerships. She is recognized for her ability to help organizations realize returns on their talent development investments. In her personal coaching practice, Patricia focuses on helping mid-career professionals position themselves for success.

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