When a career opportunity surfaces, how can you know it's the right one?

Whether you’re in an active job search or simply positioning yourself for the next step, it's important to develop your career with intention. Why? Because one of the best ways to advance your members' mission is to align your mission with theirs!

This peer roundtable will help you explore which talents engage you and how you can best serve with passion. Help your association and members rise above the winds of change by serving with "hire purpose."

This event is designed for mid-senior level association professionals and will include both interactive exercises and facilitated discussions. 


  • Discover the Power of Serving With Passion

    Take Shira's "Passiontivity" exercise for deeper insights into what really drives you to serve

  • Awaken Your Personal Brand

    Experience Dana's "Thought Leader Moment" to ignite the change agent within you

  • Build Hire Purpose Connections

    Connect with a community of inspired peers leading associations to innovative breakthroughs



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Your Career Cafe Facilitators

  • Shira Harrington - Purposeful Hire<br><em>shira(at)purposefulhire(dot)com</em>
    When business goals and careers goals align, employees are motivated to succeed. Shira intentionally connects job seekers and employers through career coaching, executive recruiting, generational diversity training and interview training for hiring managers. The philosophy is simple: for every hire, there is a higher purpose. Let's find yours together.
    Shira Harrington - Purposeful Hire
  • Dana Theus - InPower Coaching<br><em>danatheus(at)inpowercoaching(dot)com</em>
    Your career is a cycle between excelling in your current job and positioning yourself for the next one. Dana loves helping people develop into confident, emotionally intelligent leaders who've internalized authentic and powerful strategies to achieve professional success through personal development.
    Dana Theus - InPower Coaching

Many thanks to our host, SCAI

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