November 29, 2015

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How To Project Confidence

Do you every wonder how some people can come across as so incredibly confident–even when you know they’ve never done a thing before? It’s a skill! The secret is simple though: projecting confidence starts with feeling it. To feel it you have to believe you have a reasonable chance of success. How do you feel confident […]

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INSIGHT: Gratitude Part Deux

Still stuffed? I am! When gratitude fills me, I’m so much better at my jobs – all of them. Yes, … read on...


I’m thankful for a short week. I’m thankful for food, friends and family. I’m thankful for … read on...

INSIGHT: When Analysis Becomes Paralysis

Have you ever noticed how unmade decisions can gang up on you and hold you down? Analysis has … read on...

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INSIGHT: It All Starts With You

Here’s a thought. What if you were so persuasive that everyone saw the immediate and clear benefit to doing what you ask them to do? INSIGHT: When you’re incredibly persuasive, it has more to do with you than with them. You see, most of what we think is going on “in them” when we’re trying to […]

Escape Death-by-Meeting: Toss the Agenda! [VIDEO]

How many death-by-meeting meetings have you been in already this week? My guess is that your answer is “too many!” Meetings are the biggest time-wasters – and the most important collaboration opportunities we have in every day.  So here’s another question: How many death-by-meetings have you run this week? How many death-by-meetings have you been […]

Part 3: The Power Of A Good Work-Life Intention (Video)

If you’re like most of us, you’re usually knee-deep in doing, planning and… stress! Work-Life (much less balance!) is just crazy – largely because we’re scrambling to meet so many goals we set for ourselves (and those set by others). Even though it feels nutty, when you’re feeling stressed is actually a good time to […]

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Communicating With Confidence [Women Only]

Research consistently shows that for women to be taken seriously, build credibility and get ahead there is ONE thing thing they must do: speak up – more often and more confidently. But it’s not so easy, is it? You and I both know there are social and other pressures that complicate “confidence” for women.You’re not […]

Authentic Personal Branding

Do you want to believe “the real you” can be the power behind your success? So that you don’t need to “fake it” to get to the next level? You’re in the right place! This free webinar and video series will give you the tools and insights to be confident that your personal brand is […]

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RESOURCES: Communication Skills

Communicating With Confidence

Looking for “What’s the Secret To Setting Achievable Goals?” >>Click here   Are you born with confidence or can it be learned? I’m surprised at how many people believe the “born with” story line. I don’t believe that for a moment. Confidence is simple: it’s believing you can handle it when something goes wrong. Click To […]

Dealing with Difficult People

  There is simply no getting around the fact that difficult people will be in your life, but what about when they’re your boss? Or your partner? Or your most talented staff member? That’s when things get sticky for most of us. And by sticky I mean that the level of stress in our live […]

Fearless Feedback [Video]

  Communication is more than just getting your point across, it’s a continuous feedback loop. Constant, and open, feedback can motivate others to bring their best game to your project or team – or send them into a tail spin. How are they spending their energy? Focusing on results or avoiding a fight? Does your feedback motivate them […]

eSeminars: Professional Development On Your Own Time

When The Product Is You – Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

Do you get tongue-tied when people ask what you do, and feel like whatever comes out of your mouth just… “isn’t quite right?” Available as a Self-Study Course When you’re bringing your authentic self through the branding and marketing of your business, this won’t happen. You not only speak clearly and solidly about your business, […]

Invest In Your Authentic Leadership Style

Are you doing everything you can to be take seriously as a leader? Does “getting ahead” seem like an exhausting task to you? Dont’ work so hard. Invest in developing your authentic leadership style – like powerful language and natural presence – to help you advance in your career and be more effective in your […]