INSIGHT: Make Time Your Friend

Worried or stressed about something? Give yourself permission to feel it – or not – for a period of time. And then let it go.

We’re used to thinking of time as our enemy, but we can make it our friend if we give ourselves permission to do so.

Time is funny. There never seems enough of it, but the clock gives us an amazing tool to use in moderating how we spend our focus.

Use this mental trick:

  1. Don’t define success as how “much” you can cram in between now and then.
  2. Give yourself permission to define success as accomplishing X, Y or Z (pick one) by then.
  3. Give yourself permission to accomplish other stuff you have time for, but not to hinge your success on this other stuff.
  4. Give yourself permission not to worry about all the A’s and B’s and C’s and etc’s that don’t get done until another point-in-time-in-the-future.
  5. Promise yourself you’ll deal with them then.
  6. Keep your promise.

Seriously, it can be this easy to distress big chunks of your life. Try it today. What is most important to have done by lunch? Give yourself permission to make getting that done your morning success and allow every other accomplishment to be a bonus. Now go!


Photo Credit: JWilsher


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